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Autoloop 2.0

Autoloop 2.0

Univox AutoLoop 2.0 is an automatic and modern hearing loop amplifier for many purposes – domestic environments, waiting rooms, taxis/cars etc. It’s simple to set up and use without compromising its crystal clear and powerful sound to the hearing aid user.

  • Completely automatic hearing loop amplifier
  • Simple and easy to use with powerful output and crystal clear sound
  • All levels are automatically adjusted
  • Personal level adjustment for adaption to different hearing aids
  • Connect to your TV, stereo or other audio sources with two sensitive 3.5mm mic/line inputs
  • Suitable for use with a loop pad, sofa loop or traditional room loop for rooms up to 50m2
  • Stylish and compact design
  • Blue LED function light
  • Energy efficient with minimal power consumption
  • Eco-friendly

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