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Ardes 011400 20cc Reusable Nylon Syringe

Ardes 011400 20cc Reusable Nylon Syringe

The 20ml syringe is guaranteed unbreakable thanks to a body composed of premium polymer. Its mechanical and chemical components have a better resistance than standard syringes. This syringe can by sterilized in an Autoclave up to 260 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moreover, the reliability is assured by a precise injection without leaks: thanks to a quality, non-stick and hydrophobic o’ring.

Use: vaccines, antibiotics and feed solutions
Breeds: swine, cattle, sheep and goat
Compatibility: luer lock or record tip
Graduation: engraved with black pigments 
Resistance: to all known pharmaceutical products 
Dismantled: Easy disassembly and maintenance 
Injection: Vaccines, antibiotics and nutritional solutions
Body: transparent made with premium polymer 
Rod: made with Brass
Treatment: anti-oxidation by nickel flash
Sterilization: in autoclave 121°C/134°C
Adjustable: Adjustable thanks to a graduated shaft with a nut

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