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Angled Entry Mat

Angled Entry Mat

This is a great option because of its “welcome mat” appearance. People feel like it’s not your typical “wheelchair ramp,” but still gets the job done.

The slip-resistant surface of the Transitions® Angled Entry Mat is made with 100% recycled rubber and provides a safe transition both indoors and outdoors. It does not interfere with door tracks and is especially convenient for sliding glass doors.

  • Size: 36″ wide; available in 1.5″ (most popular) and 2.5″ heights
  • Colors: Available in 3 colors to complement your home – Black (the signature color & most popular), Storm Grey, and Hazelnut Brown
  • Material: Made with 100% recycled rubber, the angled entry mat is eco-friendly and can be used safely on nearly any surface. By nature, the recycled rubber material is slip-resistant, so users can feel secure and confident. It truly is a safe “welcome mat” for any home.
  • Beveled Edges: The edges have been beveled, allowing cross-traffic access.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use: For indoor or outdoor use. Accommodating for any user, anywhere.

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