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Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Assessm

Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Assessm

ADA-CAT includes specially designed ADA measurement hand tools and carefully selected standard tools in a kit integrated with software for automatic checklist creation, making measurements, recording data, and much more. ADA-CAT makes it easier to meet accessbility standards by simplifying the assessment of architectural barriers.


What is ADA-CAT?

The Americans With Disabilities Act - Compliance Assessment Kit (ADA-CAT) is conceived as a screening tool to allow individuals without advanced training to assess the architectural barriers of the built environment. As a screening tool, it is not intended to provide an absolute measure of the features, but rather to provide simple, pass-fail assessments of the requirements of the ADA and other accessibility standards. The kit is composed of two parts. These are the Audits, which define the characteristics of an accessible and usable environment, can be found on this web site, and the Measurement Kit, which are will be made available through the Augmentative and Alternative Communications Institute (AACI).


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