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Airplane Seat Belt Extender - FAA Compliant

Airplane Seat Belt Extender - FAA Compliant

More of Me to Love offers two types of Airplane Extenders, simply named the Type A and the Type B.

Type A fits all major airlines except Southwest (patience, my friend, a detailed list lies below). It is manufactured by AmSafe and comes in gray.

Type B fits Southwest Airlines only (they just had to be special). It is manufactured by Davis Aircraft Products and comes in blue.

Both types are FAA Compliant, and boast safety tags detailing their compliance.

With your own airplane seat belt extender, which can adjust to add up to 24" of additional length, you will be prepared for that seat belt sign and safe from any jostling in your seat - or any flack from your otherwise delightful flight attendants.

Each Airplane Seat Belt Extender is sewn to perfection and made with an original airplane belt buckle - the same ones these very same manufacturers use in the airplanes' regular seat belts that they make - ensuring its compatibility with existing buckles.

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