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Airgle AG600 Room Air Purifier

Airgle AG600 Room Air Purifier

Airgle AG600 Room Air Purifier Features:

  • Enhanced technology for particle, chemical, odor, microbe filtration.
  • 219 CFM.
  • 5 Fan speeds.
  • 120V/60Hz/1Ph.
  • Aluminum housing.
  • MERV-19, cHEPA Filter removes particles as small as 3nm (0.003um) with a 99.999 percent efficiency.
  • Patented Titanium Pro module sends out millions of hydroxyl radicals into the air to destroy harmful organics, like viruses.
  • 3.5 Lbs. of activated carbon blend in the Gas and Odor Filter removes dangerous gasses and chemicals.
  • Its quiet and highly efficient fan ensures fast room air changes.
  • Centralized control with the APP.
  • Centrally & remotely manage 100s of devices.
  • Manage devices in multiple locations.
  • Create advanced time/date templates for all/some areas.
  • Remotely regulate speed and operation.
  • Monitor air quality in real time.
  • Notify filter replacement.
  • Manage devices for tenants/clients.
  • Use database for repeat sales, including filter replacements.

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