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Air Trimmer, Laminate Edge Trimming Tool

Air Trimmer, Laminate Edge Trimming Tool

Air Trimmer, laminate edge flush trimming tool

The Air Trimmer makes precise cutting easy and effortless. The small body diameter easily fits in the palm of a hand. The weight concentration is in the wide base which gives a more stable feel for the work surface. A simple squeeze of the trigger and a slow consistent push trims the laminate clean away. The air trimmer has a standard ¼" collet, taking standard bits.

Laminate and Veneer - Cabinets, Casework, Displays, Cubes
Doors, Panels, Countertops

Value Added Benefits:
Cool running pneumatic motor will not overheat.
No brushes or switches to wear out
Carbon steel body construction.
High-impact polycarbonate base is unbreakable.

With proper maintenance, the Air Trimmer outlasts its electric counterparts at least three-to-one.
Manufactured in the U.S.A.

The Air Trimmer is the leading pneumatic laminate trimmer on the market. It is also the
lightest and most durable laminate trimming solution.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE against breakage on the steel body and polycarbonate base


25,000 RPM motor

90 ib. minimum PSI

Average consumption 3 CFM

Weight 2.2 pounds

Measures 6" x 3.75" x 3.75"

More Information:

Beaver Industrial Supply

St Louis, MO

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