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Agri-Speed Automatic Hitch

Agri-Speed Automatic Hitch

It is a very simple design that uses two parts. The first part slides over the end of the wagon pole and attaches with a hitch pin. The other part bolts to the draw bar of the tractor with two bolts. The hitch uses the holes already in the tractors draw bar. To hook up to the wagon the operator backs up to the wagon aligning the large "V" on the tractor hitch to the end on the wagon. As the tractor continues to back up, the hitch raises the pole and hooks the wagon. The wagon is now pulled with a pintle hook that is 1 3/4" thick. This is very important because the wagon is pulled with a part of the hitch that does not move, the moving parts only hold up the pole of the wagon! This is a very safe way to hook to the wagon and also gives the hitch incredible strength.

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