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Advanced - Decibel Meter / Sound Level Reader - W/ Battery

Advanced - Decibel Meter / Sound Level Reader - W/ Battery

The BAFX Products Advanced Sound Level Meter offers a robust set of features at a fraction of the price of comparably equipped readers & also comes with data analysis / visualization software! (Software ONLY Windows compatible!) The Advanced Sound Level Meter can measure in both dBA & dBC frequencies within +/-1.5dB to provide you with the accurate readings in any environment!

This Sound Meter also includes a MAX Hold Function which will display the highest reading until a higher level is reached. It can also display if the reading is OVER or UNDER a selected range (Ranges: 30-80, 50-100, 60-110, 80-130, 30-130 dBA/dBC)

Also included is the Soundlab software for Windows Based computers. With this software you can connect the device to your PC and record (or download recorded data) and graph sound readings in real time via USB connection. This sound meter also has internal memory that can record and store 4700 data points which can be imported into the included software for review.

Other great features include; automatic display back-light, AC/PWM Outputs, Adjustable Sampling rate preset to 8x/second, Low Battery Indicator, Frequency response range of 31.5hz ~ 8.5KHz


  • Data point recording - Store up to 4,700 data points
  • Adjust frequency of data point recording
  • Comes with data point analysis software(Software for Windows computers ONLY!)
  • Measuring Range: 30-130 dBA, 35-130 dBC
  • Choose between dBA and dBC frequencies
  • Accuracy +/- 1.5 dBA
  • Over/Under Display Warnings
  • Max Reading Hold Function
  • Battery Saving Auto Shut off after 10 Minutes
  • Time Weightings Available: Fast (125ms time constant) or Slow (1 second time constant)
  • 1 Year warranty against manufacturing defects from BAFX Products

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