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Active Star

Active Star

The Active Star with its 40 Braille modules is a Braille system - Braille display and notetaker in one. The footprint for the laptop computer can be individually adjusted by a pull-out tray mechanism. Via up to 3 wireless Bluetooth connections, e.g. smartphone, tablet,
laptop, the Active Star provides access to the internet and your e-mail on the go. Operating systems of mobile devices, such as iOS, Android or ChromeOS, are supported by the Active Star. Thanks to 16 GB of internal memory, the Active Star can be used at any time to take notes and read books without being connected to an external device. 

The advantages at a glance: 


  • 40 concave Braille elements with cursor routing
  • flexible adjustable footprint
  • included PC keyboard, fixed via magnets
  • integrated notetaker functions such as Editor, calculator and organizer
  • compartment for smartphone
  • HTCom software - for easy transfer of files
  • ATC technology: detects the reading position and automatically scrolls forward
  • battery life up to 40 hours
  • MusicBraille - compose your own pieces of music

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