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Action Life Gloves

Action Life Gloves

This double tunnel loop glove features two loop straps. The smaller inside the palm Velcro strap enables you to grip objects such as pool cues, ping-pong paddles, fishing rods, brushes, etc. The larger strap, when run through the single palmer loop, forms a closed fist which enables you to exercise on machines such as the Hydra Fitness and Universal Gym, free weights, etc. X-Large & X- Small might take longer.

Sizes: wrist joint area for a Medium fit is approximately 7"-8" in circumference. Other sizes are smaller or larger by 1". Wrist supports included. Sold individually. Available in Left Or Right, Sizes: X-Small - X-Large. The wrist supports can be removed if you find them uncomfortable. When using this glove to hold a dumbbell, it is important to tighten the smaller palm side Velcro strap around the dumbbell first or it will flop back and forth. Sold by each glove, not as a pair.

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