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Accessibility Consultation

Accessibility Consultation

It is of the utmost importance that the accessibility into and throughout buildings be addressed for people with disabilities. CCI has been committed to both understanding and influencing that understanding through an active participation in the accessibility forum. By assisting in identifying opportunities for use of universal design concepts, CCI can help both the client and the end user. CCI provides a wide range of services for the client to assist in identifying those issues and positively addressing the concerns in building design in both new and existing buildings.


By understanding those complexities and design desires, CCI can assist in the creation of a facility that is both user–friendly and meets design expectations. We offer our clients a wide knowledge of universal design concepts that allow the building design to be approached with the user in mind.


CCI’s Accessibility Consultation Services include:


  • turn–key ADA Evaluation Analysis
  • access planning
  • graphical presentation of site and building access
  • equivalent facilitation development
  • plan review
  • renovation application
  • toilet room design assistance
  • access consultation
  • conflict resolution


Clients using our Accessibility Consulting Services will benefit from:


  • early identification of accessibility issues
  • services tailored to meet local access criteria
  • a comprehensive database and permanent record of the facility
  • flexibility to achieve corrective action in the future
  • documentation of the status of compliance of the facility
  • documentation and analysis if complaint is filed against the facility


CCI’s professionals offer architects, contractors, owners, building managers, and developers a means to effectively and efficiently evaluate accessibility concerns and address solutions that provide an aesthetic and viable means for the disabled community to use the facilities. Creative solutions and simple answers by CCI’s staff combine to afford our clients the greatest potential for clear accessibility and functionality in our built environment. The result is a harmony of use and flexibility, providing access for all members of the community.

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