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AbChair with Upholstered AbRest and Moderate Contour Seat

AbChair with Upholstered AbRest and Moderate Contour Seat

The AbChair with urethane seat and AbRest from Neutral Posture is designed to last and excel in medical and lab settings, but can of course be used in any office. This stool will withstand everyday abuse and is backed by a Lifetime Warranty. This is an excellent quality product, not a flimsy import! Upholstered in your choice of antimicrobial/antibacterial Canter Vinyl or Ultra (faux) Leather. Use as an exam stool or in any setting that requires an easy to clean vinyl stool and the support required when leaning forward for lab work. Optional stool cylinder range will allow an exam level height often used by doctors. Standard with black arm, hard floor casters, 26" black base and 5" cylinder.

  • ESD & Cleanroom options available
  • Adjustable seat height, depth, angle & tension
  • Adjustable AbRest™ height
  • 4-way AbRest™ rotation
  • AbRest™ swivel/pivot
  • Optional Stool Cylinder and footring
  • Optional glides or breaking casters
  • Optional chrome base

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