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ASTA CATH Female Catheter Guide

ASTA CATH Female Catheter Guide

Asta Cath Female Catheter Guides, manufactured by A+ Medical, are female Catheter Supplies for self-catheterization. These catheter guides are helpful, because they assist women in locating the correct pathway during intermittent catheterization. Missing this pathway could be painful or damaging.

Use the Asta Cath for intermittent catheters that are 16 French or smaller. Larger catheters will not fit properly in the alignment holes. These Catheter guides are suitable for most women, because they feature three holes, so that they account for anatomical differences.

These female catheter guides are easy to use and easy to clean. A+ Medical manufactures urinary supplies such as unisex urinals and catheter supplies. To use the Asta Cath, insert the bent end into the vagina and use the alignment hole to guide in the catheter. Each catheter guide is sealed in plastic for sanitary usage. These Asta Cath catheter guides come complete with instructions.

Self catheterization can be used while sitting on the toilet or while standing. Only use self-catheterization under the direction of a doctor. The Asta Cath catheter guide is designed as a tool to assist catheterization and not as a substitution for a doctor’s instruction.

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