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ALCO-LITE Fiberglass Fire Ladders

ALCO-LITE Fiberglass Fire Ladders

ALCO-LITE fiberglass fire ladders are designed to meet fire fighter's most demanding requirements.  Non-conductive fiberglass side rail construction offers an added measure of safety when used near charged electrical circuits.

  • Non-conductive fiberglass side rails for improved safety
  • Solid I-beam construction for greater strength and rigidity
  • Field repairable with factory parts
  • All FEL and FEL3 extension ladders equipped with 1/2" diameter halyards
  • Double rung plates increase strength and durability
  • Meets/exceeds N.F.P.A. 1931 standards
  • Equipped with high strength steel butt spurs and rounded aluminum top caps for increased durability
  • Oversized 2-1/4” pulley for easy operation
  • Special width for replacement ladders available upon request

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