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ALCO-LITE DRL - Roof Ladder

ALCO-LITE DRL - Roof Ladder

ALCO-LITE™ DRL ladders are the same great pumper style rail roof ladders you have come to love but with the addition of roof hooks and butt spurs on both ends. Particularly useful for truck company operations when carried mounted to the aerial device. When it becomes necessary to leave the aerial device, whether dealing with a peak roof or a parapet roof system there is always a set of roof hooks in the proper position for easy placement.

  • Double end roof hooks
  • Solid I-beam construction for greater strength and rigidity
  • Field repairable with factory parts
  • Butt spurs on both ends
  • Double rung plates increase strength and durability
  • Meets/exceeds N.F.P.A. 1931 standards

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