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ADA Trainer Leadership Network

ADA Trainer Leadership Network

The ADA Trainer Network (ADA TN) is a group of individuals across the nation who use a curriculum provided by the ADA National Network to educate local communities about the ADA. As our partners, they help to spread the word about the rights and responsibilities of employers, service providers, municipal entities, and private businesses under the ADA. There are more than 40 modules in the curriculum, each with its own facilitator's guide. The curriculum covers all Titles of the ADA, as well as disability awareness, serving customers with disabilities, and information about accessible technology. ADA TN members participate in "train-the-trainer" events through their regional ADA Center to learn to effectively deliver the materials, including how to customize training sessions to particular audience needs. We believe ADA TN members are excellent resources within their communities and that the trainings they offer help foster relationships between individuals with disabilities and entities with responsibilities under the ADA locally.

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