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ACCI Choice Communicator

ACCI Choice Communicator

The ACCI Choice Communicator™ provides greater customization and ACCI is the first company to offer Choices in a SGD Package by using the power of the iPad® and pairing it with your "Choice" of any Communication app and protective case plus Apple Care+.

ACCI Choice Communicator™ combines Apple's powerful iPad® Air or Pro with communication apps to provide functional communication for everyday life.  ACCI's Choice Communicator™ can be accessed via direct touch to the multi-touch display or with switch access.

The ACCI Choice Communicator™ has flexibility by offering choices of communication apps and a wide selection of protective cases.  The ACCI Choice Communicator™ can be mounted to a wheelchair, mounted on a tabletop or carried with a shoulder strap or carry handle depending upon the case selected.

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Augmentative Communication Consultants, Inc.

P. O. Box 731
Moon Township, PA 15108

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