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6-Tier UniSpin Carousel

6-Tier UniSpin Carousel

Ideal for offices, legal practices, or open-plan storage, 6-Tier UniSpin Carousels provide ample storage for binders, reports, and files, without taking up a lot of floor space. At just over 2 1/2' wide, each tier of UniSpin stores up to 88 1" binders, compared to 7 1/2' of a traditional shelving unit.

The fully-revolving design "delivers" the binders to you, drastically reducing retrieval time and senseless pacing. The 5-star base and firmly bolted design provide safe, secure storage up to 6 levels, and steel bearing rings provide effortless and silent performance so students or co-workers won't be disturbed. Contemporary design with silver trim complements any office decor. For additional storage capabilities, an optional CD Organizer stores up to 104 CDs in slim jewel cases, and an Organizer Set with removable dividers helps keep thinner books, files, and reports upright.

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