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17" Laptop Harness Wearable Desk for Laptop and Tablet

17" Laptop Harness Wearable Desk for Laptop and Tablet

Moving freely (instead of standing in one place or sitting) improves blood pressure, helps you lose weight, improves mood and boosts wellbeing.

The VitaliZEN Laptop Harness is fully portable and comfortable to use as well, it's ideal for people who need to work on the move such as engineers, inspectors, warehouse workers and all of the people who do fieldwork. The surface of the desk is non-slip to help keep your laptop or keyboard in place.


Easily keep your laptop in front of you with your hands-free.

Size of the base
11" x 17"

With an extra-wide and comfortable area (up to 17" laptops), more padded shoulder straps, a criss-cross patent-pending design in the back, and adjustable straps ideal for people with any height, you can work with your laptop right in front of you. Our mobile Laptop Harness is perfect for stock keepers, engineers or anyone else who needs their hands free with their laptop available.

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