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12” Cell Phone Screen Magnifier

12” Cell Phone Screen Magnifier

Magnifies your devices screen display to make it easier to watch movies videos or news on your phone. It will relieve the discomfort and visual fatigue causing by long time focusing on small screen.

Take HD zoom optical technology thus no radiation. Acrylic lens material, materials used for this product are environmental, smell less.

Light weight and portable accessory. Super slim when folded and can be carried around in purse, bag.suitable for indoor, camping, journey, leisure etc

New upgrade! Adjustable finger ring bracket at the bottom, you can adjust different angles, avoid blind spots of vision, easy enjoy!

Use high definition optical technology to enlarge 2~4 times on the phone screen, the picture is clear, more dynamic!

The product is simple and easy to carry, light in weight, small in volume, suitable for indoor, camping, tourism, leisure and other places.

  • No power supply, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • Suitable for all kinds of smart mobile phones.
  • Adopt environmental friendly TPU + wood, safe and durable to use.
  • Materials: Eco-Friendly TPU + Wood
  • Screen Size: 12 inches
  • Size: Approx. 26 x 19 cm / 10.6 x 6.3 inches
  • Screen film size: 25.2 x 13 cm / 10 x 5.1 inches

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