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1.25 in. 2 Channel Cable Protector

1.25 in. 2 Channel Cable Protector

LiteGuard Collection's Light Duty 2 Channel Cable Guard offering 1.25 in. in channel width. This Dual Channel cable protector protects hoses, cables and wires from pedestrian and vehicle traffic. With our high quality polyurethane material, these products offer superior characteristics and keep your wires organized and protected.

  • Designed to protect and organize wires, cords and ensure safe pedestrian and vehicle traffic
  • Designed to protect any wire or cord with 1.25 in. in Dia or less
  • Polyurethane offers the best product characteristics as is not biodegradable, has stronger abrasion and corrosion resistance, higher load bearing capacity and is less likely to crack
  • Ultimate slip resistant pattern to minimize slips and falls and ultra strong connectors points with easy and safe configuration
  • Easily cleaned with soap and water
  • Dully compliant with NEC, OSHA, REACH, and RoHS

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