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South Carolina Equipment Distribution Program

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Organization: South Carolina Equipment Distribution Program


SCEDP serves South Carolina residents who have a hearing or speech challenge. The equipment in our program includes enhanced phones and alerting devices. People who qualify for the program are provided equipment to use for as long as they remain in the state and have phone service.
People can apply to SCEDP by choosing a product that meets their needs, obtaining a professional certification of a qualifying disability, and submitting the required application materials. There are no income requirements. SCEDP reaches out to people who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind, blind/low vision with hearing loss, and speech challenged.
SCEDP products are funded by a surcharge on all South Carolina residential and business phone lines. The surcharge appears on everyone’s phone bill. Since everyone pays into the program, we encourage all eligible residents to apply.



Toll-Free: (877) 225-8337

Direct: (803) 737-0808



1401 Main St. Suite 825
Columbia , SC  29201
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