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Organization: REALifelines


The Recovery and Employment Assistance Lifelines (REALifelines) initiative is a joint project of the U.S. Department of Labor, the Bethesda Naval Medical Center and the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. It will create a seamless, personalized assistance network to ensure that seriously wounded and injured service members who cannot return to active duty are trained for rewarding new careers in the private sector. A key part of the program will be the services available at the Department of Labor's nationwide network of One Stop Career Centers. In addition to assisting wounded veterans, job training and employment services will also be made available to spouses in families that have suffered an active duty casualty, as well as to family members who have temporarily left their jobs to be with their loved ones during recovery.



Toll-Free: (888) 774-1361


200 Constitution Ave, NW
Frances Perkins Building
Washington , DC  20210
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