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Nebraska Assistive Devices Loan Program

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Organization: Nebraska Assistive Devices Loan Program


Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (NCDHH) offers an Assistive Devices Loan Program to individuals/consumers who live in Nebraska. The loans are made for a period of three months. If you live outside of the Lincoln area, NCDHH will mail you the equipment. At the end of the three month loan period, it is the consumer’s responsibility to mail the equipment back to NCDHH at their cost.

  • Amplified Phones are devices used by people who are hard of hearing who have some residual hearing and use their voice. The amplifier makes sounds louder and clearer.
  • Personal listening devices are small, battery-operated, wireless and portable devices that use radio transmissions to send auditory signals from speakers (microphones) to listeners (receivers). These are best for personal one on one communication.
  • A teletypewriter (TTY), which is sometimes referred to as a TDD or TT, is a device that allows people who are deaf or hard of hearing to converse over a landline telephone line. Instead of speaking, a deaf person types his or her message on a TTY, which is simultaneously sent to another TTY.



Toll-Free: (800) 545-6244

Direct: (402) 471-3593