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Maryland Department of Disabilities

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Organization: Maryland Department of Disabilities


The Maryland Department of Disabilities (MDOD) is charged with coordinating? and improving the delivery of services to individuals with disabilities in the state of Maryland.  By working collaboratively with all State government agencies, MDOD provides advocacy and guidance to ensure that State entities deliver services in the most integrated settings possible, develop consistent policies affecting those with disabilities, and consider the diverse needs of all when making decisions which impact Marylanders.  MDOD focuses on independence and full community membership through its programs which address accessible housing, employment, transitioning youth, community living, technology assistance, barrier free living, and transportation.  This focus is one which consistently has an eye to economic growth through strengthening of a diverse workforce and provision of the efficient and effective supports necessary for full participation in our state’s economy



Toll-Free: (800) 637-4113

Direct: (410) 767-3660



217 E. Redwood Street,
Suite 1300
Baltimore , MD  21202
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