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About: launched late 2002 as The site rebranded as in 2016, under new ownership at London-based Quality Nonsense Ltd. helps web developers of all stripes and skill levels craft the best HTML and CSS possible.

The amount of information available to today's developer can be overwhelming, so provides coders with comprehensive, easy-to-use references filled with tips, tricks, and techniques.

We strive to be better than the typical developer documentation offerings. In addition to showing you how to use something, we provide information on when and why something should be used. We don't just assume that you already know everything about HTML.

Don't get caught out with the changes spurred by HTML5. Know the best way to do something, find out what is now outdated, and what has deprecated in certain browsers.

We help you separate the wheat from the chaff with our up-to-date content, code things correctly the first time, and keep on keeping on.