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We want ADDitude to be the one place you can turn to for all your questions, concerns, and needs. We serve as a vital resource for professionals – teachers, healthcare providers, employers and others – who interact with families living with attention deficit disorder and learning disabilities every day. If your child’s teacher or your wife’s boss has a question about ADHD or LD and its treatment, we want you to send them to our website for material that’s concise, responsible, and helpful. Finally, we are a national voice for people with ADHD and learning disabilities, many of whom are children who have difficulty speaking for themselves and asserting their rights. Some of us at ADDitude have ADHD or LD kids and others have ADHD or learning disabilities themselves. We’re in this with you.



Toll-Free: (888) 762-8475

Direct: (646) 366-0830


15th Floor
39 W. 37th Street
New York , NY  10018
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