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JAN ENews: Volume 17, Issue 2, Second Quarter, 2019

Second Quarter 2019 - Volume 17, Issue 2



JAN Expands Solution Showcase. Find 1-3 minute videos that provide an overview of a specific type of accommodation solution.  Recently added to the Solution Showcase are:  Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART), Windows Accessibility, IPad Accessibility, and Alternative Mice.  JAN would like to thank the Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology for assisting with the development of these videos. 

JAN Adds New JAN Training Module! JAN recently developed a training module about service animals in the workplace, featuring tips for conducting the interactive process when an employee asks to bring a service or emotional support animal to work as an accommodation. This 10 minute module is free and can be viewed at your convenience. Use JAN's Just-In-Time Training Module: Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals in the Workplace in your training along with the information and resources on JAN’s service animal page. If your training is scheduled during JAN core hours (9-6 Eastern), you can arrange to have a question and answer call with a JAN consultant.


New Emoji for 2019.  Apple worked with the American Council of the Blind, Cerebral Palsy Foundation, and the National Association of the Deaf to develop disability-themed emoji. The 13 emoji were proposed to and accepted by the Unicode Consortium, which oversees forthcoming emoji.  Read more about the new emoji here

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