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Executive Functioning Accommodations in Self-Employment

Date: Tuesday May 28, 2019 (This event is in the past.)

Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern

Training Type: Webcast Series Training

For individuals with disabilities who pursue self-employment or starting a small business, many skills that fall under the category of executive functioning can be important to start-up and operational success. Executive functioning includes higher-level mental processes or abilities that affect areas such as time management, memory, concentration, organization and prioritization, multi-tasking, completing paperwork, social skills, and attendance. In this Webcast, we will discuss specific situations in a self-employment context and identify possible accommodations. Research shows that self-employment and small business ownership can be a viable employment options for people with disabilities. We will explore ways to make entrepreneurial options available as widely as possible through creative and sustainable accommodations.



Slides - May 2019 - Executive Functioning Accommodations in Self-Employment


Transcript - Executive Functioning Accommodations in Self-Employment - May 2019

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