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Creating Inclusion at Northrop Grumman Corporation: The Career of Bob Vetere

Date: Tuesday October 16, 2018 (This event is in the past.)

Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern

Training Type: Remote Monthly Series Training

With leadership from Bob Vetere, Northrop Grumman Corporation (NGC) has become one of the most inclusive companies for individuals with disabilities and more specifically Veterans with disabilities. Self-identification rates for new employees with disabilities exceed 10% while their self-id rate for current employees exceeds 7%. The successes at Northrop Grumman result from the passion of NGC’s CEO, Wes Bush, as well as deep commitment from NGC’s centralized accommodation team. As a leader in the team, Bob has been responsible for embracing and in many instances developing a number of inclusionary practices including a harmonized accommodation process and the establishment of an employee resource group, The Voice, in 2007. In this webcast, we have the opportunity to hear from Bob as he shares secrets from his 41 years at NGC. And, we also have the opportunity to congratulate him on his exemplary career and impending retirement in January of 2019.


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Bio - Bob Vetere


Slides - JAN October 2018 Webcast


Transcript - October 2018 - Creating Inclusion at Northrop Grumman

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