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Access Within

Improving an individual's ability to access a workstation depends on the type of workstation and how to fit the workstation to the worker. For example, if it is a truck, it may be helpful to install an access lift, running boards, and an anti-vibration seat for someone with a back injury. For a nurse, who is mobile most of the day, wearable anti-fatigue matting might be helpful if the individual has a knee impairment.

Accommodation considerations also need to take into account an individual's body type. Considering whether an individual needs large-rated equipment or equipment designed for an individual of small stature is also imperative. For example, JAN provides information on large-rated chairs, harnesses, ladders, scooters, small step ladders, toilets, wheelchair lifts, and wheelchairs. There are also considerations that must be accounted for if an individual uses a wheelchair. An individual who uses a wheelchair and needs to speak in front of a classroom could benefit from an accessible lectern/podium. Because of the range of accommodations possible when it comes to access within a workstation, contact JAN directly for additional accommodation ideas reflecting other workstations and the individuals who use them.