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The Wonders of Winter

Accommodation Options for Cold Weather

The wonders of winter are now in full swing. The cold weather that winter brings will cause challenges for everyone, but people with disabilities can have a harder time with them and may need accommodations to make things more manageable. Fortunately, there are products available that can provide effective solutions for these needs. In this article, we’ll go over some of JAN’s vendor listings that contain these types of products. If you are more interested in non-product solutions, however, our blog article titled "Winter Weather Woes? Accommodations Can Help!" is available for those resources as well.

First, wearable products can help ease the effects of lower temperatures. Cold-resistant gloves include options that are waterproof as well as insulated gloves. Electronically heated gloves can provide additional warmth. Foot warmers, which are battery-powered shoe insoles, can protect feet from the cold. Heated clothing includes several types of electronically heated wearables like scarves and also vendors that make custom-fitted garments with electronic heaters inside of them.

Next, let’s review some vendor listings with products that can help with commuting to work. Stair tread/textured tape can help to make slipping on the stairs less likely, heated mats can prevent snow buildup or ice formation on walkways, and snow removal products can help to clear a path to the car. Key holders/turners and steering grips can make it easier to access and operate the car, while automatic snow chains can make slippery roads easier to navigate.

Finally, workstation accommodations can be important as well. Sun boxes and lights can replace lost sunlight during the winter months. Heated seat cushions and heated ergonomic and computer products can provide a personal source of warmth at the workstation that will be less likely to impact other workers. Workstation space heaters can also be very helpful if permitted in the workplace.

Though the wonders of winter can cause challenges for all, products like these can provide effective solutions for those that need accommodations. If you have any questions about accommodations like these, feel free to contact us at JAN.


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