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January 2024 Newsletter

Featuring the Recovery-Ready Workplace Toolkit

The January edition of the JAN Newsletter focuses on supporting and accommodating employees with substance use disorders. The holiday/post-holiday season can be stressful and may trigger a relapse for some people in recovery. Now is a good time for employers to adopt recovery-ready workplace policies and practices to help support employees with substance use disorders and ensure they get the accommodations they need to continue working. JAN offers resources to help, including topical publications and A to Z accommodation ideas at and free one-on-one consultations.

The featured resource in this edition of the JAN Newsletter is the Recovery-Ready Workplace Toolkit: Guidance and Resources for Private and Public Sector Employers from the Federal Recovery-Ready Workplace Interagency Workgroup. The toolkit provides information, tools, and resources to assist employers from all sectors—government, for-profit, non-profit, and not-for-profit. It offers a range of resources to help employers effectively address substance use in the workforce and successfully hire, onboard, and retain people who are in or seeking recovery from substance use disorder.

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