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February 2024 Newsletter

Featuring Accommodation and Compliance Series: Low Vision

The February edition of the JAN Newsletter focuses on Low Vision Awareness Month. According to the National Eye Institute, millions of people in the United States have a vision impairment. Vision impairments result from conditions that range from the presence of some usable vision, low vision, to the absence of any vision, total blindness. Low vision is a term that describes a person with a vision impairment that cannot be improved by correction but has some usable vision remaining.

Accommodation and Compliance Series: Low Vision is the featured resource in this edition of the JAN Newsletter. Job accommodations may be the key to finding and retaining employment for those with low vision who are working age. This resource offers a variety of accommodation solutions to explore but if additional information is needed, contact JAN.


three chefs prepping food, one of which has a vision impairment