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Dos and Don'ts of Looking for a Job

Learn more about how to look for a job


  • Look for jobs doing what you like to do.
  • Look for jobs that pay you enough to meet your bills.
  • Look for jobs that where you can use your strongest personal and professional skills.
  • Consider starter or entry level jobs that could lead to a better job.
  • Consider volunteering as a way to build your resume and/or be known to an employer.
  • Ask for help from everyone - your state vocational rehabilitation agency, the Disability Navigator at your local One-Stop Career Center, Social Security, your local Community Action Program, your local Center for independent Living, local churches, etc.
  • Consider starting your own small business or non-profit.
  • Prepare a plan and follow it.
  • Set goals that are reasonable for you.
  • Do not give up.


  • Consider jobs that you have no interest in.
  • Explore industries that are losing jobs.
  • Consider a job that you do not have the skills for unless you are willing to spend time and money to acquire the skills.
  • Put off looking for a job (Looking for a job is a full-time job).
  • Become discouraged if your plan isn't working; change it and move forward.
  • Try to do everything yourself.
  • Set goals that no one no matter how skilled could reach.