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Kim Kerns, M.A.

Bio for JAN staff member Kim Kerns

Kim Kerns

Program Assistant, II

Kim was previously employed with JAN from 1993-1998. She returned in 2001 as an Information Assistant and is now one of JAN’s Program Assistants. As a Program Assistant Kim answers incoming calls to JAN and is responsible for the caller being routed to the appropriate consultant. She is also co-responsible for distributing incoming emails to JAN. She sees that they are forwarded to the appropriate consultant, provided the information requested, or that the appropriate referral is made.

Kim is also responsible for registrations for the JAN Webcast Series. She processes incoming registrations and provides technical assistance before and during each event. Kim’s professional interests include assisting in Web site updates, assisting consultants in preparation for presentations, and updating JAN's organization database. Kim provides dedicated support to JAN's Motor Team.

Kim graduated from West Virginia University in May 2016 with a Regents Bachelor of Arts degree, with a special emphasis in Communication Studies, and a Master’s degree in Corporate and Organizational Communications in 2018.