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Mental Health


The U.S. Department of Labor Office of Disability Employment Policy offers resources to help employers foster a mental health-friendly work culture & ensure that disability-related policies & practices consider the needs of people with mental health conditions.


The most recent JAN Newsletter focuses on #accommodating employees with substance use disorders & adopting related policies & practices to help support employees. It features the @USDOL Recovery-Ready Workplace Toolkit.


It was during a #BlackHistoryMonth in her childhood that @departmentoflabor Office of Disability Employment Policy’s own Tonya Brown found out she was related to this civil rights hero, who still inspires her work advancing employment opportunities for people with disabilities from all backgrounds. This famous family member blew our minds! Read Tonya’s #BHM blog post here:


Transparency in communication involves being open & honest about decisions, policies, & other information relevant to the job #accommodation process. Learn effective communication strategies. Read "Why Communication Is Key to the Accommodation Process."


JAN offers individualized consultation regarding #accommodation and #ADA topics, but our A to Z Lists are a great place to find information designed to help employers and individuals determine effective accommodations and comply with the ADA.


Some employers find it useful to document #ADA #accommodation requests and want to have a standard form for employees to use when requesting accommodations. JAN offers a customizable form: "Sample Reasonable Accommodation Request Form for Employers."


Simulated sky lights can improve mental acuity & mood & enable some people with disabilities to work more effectively. Learn more about simulated skylights and their use as a job #accommodation.




The Employer Assistance & Resource Network on Disability Inclusion offers a series of webinars on Discussing Digital Accessibility, Neurodiversity, & Mental Health highlighting factors that advance employment opportunities for people with disabilities.


JAN Role-Play Training Series: Telework as an Accommodation


When an employee with a disability realizes telework will enable them to be productive, they may request this as an #accommodation. View the JAN training video "Telework as an Accommodation."


Enhancing OutREACH to Vulnerable Workers and Underserved Communities


The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) launched the REACH initiative: “Enhancing OutREACH to Vulnerable Workers and Underserved Communities,” a new multi-year effort to more effectively reach underserved communities.


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