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Commercial Door Openers

The Commercial Door Operator for use in Clean Rooms, doctors office, apartment complex

The Commercial Door Operator can be controlled by most any access method desired whether it be a touchless microwave switch, wall buttons, keyfobs an remote control

The Commercial Door Operator is pneumatically powered and thus a small tank mounted air compressor is required. You can operate as many as 12-doors in a commercial setting on a single compressor. Compressors are not included due to the number of variables involved. We can however offer several options for the compressor that will best suit your needs

Extremely easy to install and the installer only has to run a single 5/32” flexible plastic airline to the operator from the compressor

Residential Automatic Door Operator

  • Easily retrofits to existing swing door
  • Does not interfere with the existing door hardware
  • Door can be manually operated with little resistance from the door closure.
  • Low profile !! (mounts on door jam instead of on header)
  • Silent operation, Extremely reliable 
  • Activated by remote control.
  • Door strike release included also allows door to remain locked when not in use. 
  • Little or no maintenance,
  • Integrates with ECU systems, X-10, Lutron and more.
  • Property owners are more apt to approve over other door operators due to its way of installing No cutting of doorframe for strike release as we do not use electric strikes Easily interfaces with existing electric strikes

Sliding Door / Window Operator & Pocket Door's

Since 1958, Johnson Hardware® has produced a complete line of superior quality sliding, folding and pocket door hardware for residential and light commercial applications. Over the years, our original designs and simple-to-install products have earned us a reputation as an industry leader. All Johnson Hardware® products are designed with care, built using meticulous production procedures and checked under rigid quality control standards. In a constant effort to manufacture the best possible hardware, every Johnson Hardware® product is regularly evaluated and updated using customer input and the very newest technology. Compare the Johnson Hardware® line; you'll find a superb blend of quality, function and value.

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