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SainSonic Bone Machine BM-7

The SainSonic BM-7 Wireless Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headsets minimize eardrum damage by delivering high-quality sound to the ear through the cheekbones. The outside-the-ear design also enhances situational awareness, making the BM-7 ideal for keeping you connected both digitally and with the environment around you.

Unlike traditional headphones, the SainSonic BM-7 is not designed to be placed in or over your ear. Instead, these headphones actually rest on the upper part of the cheeks, right in front of the ears. Bone conduction technology safely transmits sound vibrations through the upper jaw to the cochlea of the inner ear. Because the BM-7 does not cover or penetrate the ears, you can hear ambient sounds that you would not normally hear with traditional headphones, making them ideal for use in outdoor activities or office environments where headphones are typically discouraged.

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