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Nirvana Safe Haven

Nirvana Safe Haven


Untreated Chemical Free Biodegradable Carpets with Pure Undyed Natural Wool

This all pure wool untreated natural wool carpet contains no dyes or pesticides (biocides to deter mold ) or stain protection such as scotch guard, and does not have any chemical odors. When you enter a home with wool carpets untreated and natural you will not get a headache or burning eyes from the toxic contamination of chemicals used to make a regular carpet .

Zeolite Odor Control

Zeolite adsorbs and absorbs moisture and fumes from* toxic carpets, remodeling materials, paints, cleaning solvents. * outgassing furniture, fabrics, new cars, R. V. s motor, mobile homes, garages. * Carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, formaldehyde, most indoor chemicals, gases. * Ammonia odors from pets, diaper pails * mold, mildew, duct systems, basements, barns attics. Zeolite is a natural mineral, adsorbing fumes in its own molecules and setting these gases free when placed in the sun. Place Zeolite packages to refresh cupboards,wardrobes, garages and basements. Hide behind the printer, copier or computer. Place Zeolite in baskets disguised with dry flowers. Hide Zeolite between the books or medicine cabinet. Arrange for good air flow in a shaded area. With dangerous levels of toxicity such as is created by mold, new carpet and glue situations, print shops or photo labs or after fire and flood much more Zeolite is used. 6 lbs to 75 square ft. would be the minimum with up to 20 lbs per 75 square ft. for serious problems. Fortunately Zeolite can be reactivated and used again. Zeolite works well for smoke odors.

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