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Motion Specialties

Motion Specialties


Stand Up Wheelchair

The powered LEVO combi Jr means secure and active support for your child. The extremely agile power wheelchair optimizes participation into all of your child’s opportunities and activities. School – Home – Play. Like the adult version, the LEVO combi Jr has multiple power seating systems including the LEVO de- signed and industry leading standing capability. (Your child can drive the LEVO combi Jr even while in the standing position.) Easy adjustable growth plates, com- ponents and a wide range of accessories and options let the LEVO combi Jr smoothly grow with your child for many years.



  • User-friendly, simple handling
  • Smooth seat/standing positioning movement
  • Compact maneuverability for tight spaces (turning circle 43")
  • Safe and secure stand-up operation elevating to any & all angles between sitting & 85 ° standing
  • Adjustable for upper and lower leg, foot position & back angle
  • Max. user weight up to 265 lbs
  • Wide range and style of options, accessories & control switches
  • Multiple colour options
  • Easy accessibility for maintenance & service updates

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