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This current model is small, lightweight and durable, we can modify the post height and provide a removable seat to suite your requirements that allows you to both stand or sit while operating the scooter.

These scooters are NOT your traditional scooter. They work on balance.  You stand (or sit) and move your body weight by leaning slightly ahead to move forward, or slightly back to move backward.

There is no throttle, no accelerator and no brake, they work completely on your body position. To go faster, you simply lean farther ahead. To stop, you simply lean back again until you slow to a stop. The rate you accelerate and stop depends on whether you’re on a slope or flat ground and how quickly you lean your weight. After some practice you will find these scooters are very intuitive and become a natural extension of your body. As you lean and move the post to the right or left, your scooter will naturally turn in that direction.


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