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4700 Sterling Drive Suite E
Boulder, CO 80301


Kare Products, Inc., cares about improving the comfort, health and safety in people’s lives. Our business sells products and ideas that address health and safety in the work, home and travel environments to provide comfort worldwide.


Executive Ergonomic Office Chair, No Arms, 300 lbs capacity

When you sit, your back takes on pressure and often molds into an unnatural, uncomfortable position. That's why we designed our top selling Executive Ergonomic Office Chair with an infinitely adjustable and cleverly designed dial-in lumbar support. Kare's exclusive back design puts you in a stress-free, no pain, no strain, natural spine position.

Simple fingertip adjustments deliver customized support to your pelvis, spine base, plus your upper back and neck. The comfort doesn't stop there. We give you all the ergonomic features you'd expect in a deluxe ergonomic task chair, including seat and back height adjustments, seat pan tilt (for natural spine alignment), backrest forward and back tilt, dual density cushions, lumbar support and a full, genuine waterfall front. Note our special sliding seat for extra leg length support. Our most popular office ergonomic chair is now rated up to 300 pound capacity!

Toss in our special, soothing rocking motion and thick cushioning, and your ergonomic chair will be the envy of the office. Why? Because it's your perfect fit. Your back will thank you for day after day of healthy seating.

  • Dial-in lumbar adjustment moves support where you need it
  • Exclusive stable ratcheted back height adjustment
  • Backrest tilt adjustment for healthy posture
  • Seat depth adjustment for proper leg support
  • 3.5" medical grade, dual density foam cushioning in seat and back
  • True waterfall front seat eliminates unhealthy leg compression
  • Full seat tilt with sliding seat depth adjustment
  • Soothing rocking chair motion
  • Heavy duty construction and 5-star base
  • Cushioned armrests with height adjustments
  • Dimensions back 17 w x 22 h, seat 20 w x 17 to 19 d, height 17 - 22
  • 12-year warranty
  • 300 lb rating

Mesh Medium Back Task Chair, Seat Depth

Our Kare Mesh Chairs are packed with ergonomic features. This full feature mesh chair outperforms all other mesh chairs on the market, from design to features, durability and comfort. The Kare Mesh chair solves the problems all other mesh chairs do not. All this at one fabulously low price!

Here's what we do differently: The Kare Mesh Chair provides durable well-functioning design, offering all the ergonomic adjustments for independent control of back angle and height, seat height, depth and tilt. Kare's easy-life back height adjustment is an essential feature to fully supporting and fitting your back. The back features a 3-way stretch mesh offering body hugging comfort. Most of us try to compensate for poor or no back support by sitting at the front of our chairs when keyboarding. You can only hold that posture for so long before the back fatigues. The back's forward-tilt adjustment is the key to supporting healthy posture and will bring hours of relief to your back.

Our specially designed contoured seat utilizes Kare's exclusive Smart Memory foam blend that provides a thick, comfortable and durable seat. Chairs that combine a mesh seat and a hard plastic edge, compresses the thighs and back of the knees resulting in body fatigue and poor circulation. Our Kare Mesh Chair provides unique features so you can create a custom fit for your day in and day out comfort.

  • 3-way Stretch Mesh chair mid-back
  • Exclusive stable ratcheted back height adjustment
  • Backrest tilt adjustment for healthy posture
  • 3.5” thick, exclusive Smart Memory foam contoured seat
  • Seat depth adjusts for proper thigh support
  • True waterfall front seat eliminates unhealthy leg compression
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment
  • Fingertip adjustment while you are seated
  • Cozy knit upholstery with high abrasion resistance (250,000 double rubs)
  • Cushioned Arm Rest height & depth adjustable
  • Easy comfort rocking option, model #708SSMMESH (manager/simple function)
  • Back Size 19 w x 20 ht Seat 20 w x 18 to 21 d, Adjustable Height 16.5- 21
  • Capacity 250 pounds

Monitor Stacker, 1 Inch

No more stacking phone books, reams of paper and other odd ends to raise your monitor. Our modular monitor stackers are the simple, inexpensive way to raise your standard monitor to an ergonomically comfortable height. Available in 1" or 2" (which gives you paper storage room underneath) risers, the monitor stackers are designed to fit together so you can "custom build" the correct monitor platform for your eye level. At this price, you can order as many as you (and your whole office) need. Many of our customers order this by the case to have on hand as needed. They find that it's an efficient on-the-spot solution and they save on the cost of using reams of paper.

Sit Stand Executive Electric Desk

The extra large workstation (84 in. on each side) sits on three columns that allow you to choose between sitting and standing to work. Changing position increases your circulation, which rejuvenates your mind and muscles. If your are under 5' 3" or over 6' 5" you'll want this!

This Sit Stand Desk supports up to 350 pounds and the desk's design leaves plenty of leg room. It's push button height adjustment gives you ergonomic typing comfort and proper body alignment. It's also budget smart because one desk does the job of 2 or 3 traditional desks. It has the shape, the functionality and the adjustments to be your ultimate power sit stand workstation. We use this model here at Kare Products because of it's convient size and extended range of height adjustments.

Slim Lumbar Back Support

Hey, it's true. Many of the chairs and seats you'll encounter aren't ergonomically designed. Many of them don't even have decent lumbar support. What can you do? Discover the ultimate in do-it-yourself back comfort with Kare's Slim Lumbar Back Support. This exclusive lumbar cushion wraps around the contours of your body and firmly supports your lumbar curve. It helps you reduce tension and lower back pain, while gently maintaining correct posture. From bucket car seat to flat back office chair, the Slim Back Support is designed to provide firm support where you need it, when you need it.

Spine Align Wedge

An improper sitting position can lead to all sorts of discomforts. That's why we had doctors assist in the design of the Spine-Align® Wedge seat cushion. It fixes posture problems and places you in a sitting position that enhances the natural S shape of your spine. This alignment relieves back stress, improves energizing circulation, and alleviates discomfort in the hips, back and legs. For the home, car or office, this device is a smile you can take with you wherever you go. Choose the Model 20 for office chairs, Model 22 for extra thigh support most popular office chair cushion, and the Model 25 for just a wee bit of support ideal for use as a car seat cushion. These angle seat cushions are useful in relieving sciatic and leg discomfort.

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