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EyeFlite is a startup building a hands-free communication and digital content delivery platform for virtual and augmented reality to empower people with movement disabilities with more independence and control. This allows a user to stay competitive at work or at school while staying connected to the people that matter. With either head tracking or voice dictation, a user can type on various virtual keyboards, respond to emails and texts, browse the internet, control various smart devices, and play games.



WingVR is virtual reality software for the Oculus Go that allows a user to perform a variety of tasks hands-free.

Head tracking allows complete control to type and navigate the user interface.? Voice dictation allows one to type even faster.

Use head-tracking or voice dictation to respond to a friend's text message, write business emails, or do your homework hands-free. 

Browse the internet, check social media, catch up on the news, and more with the internet browser.

Choose the virtual environment that you feel most comfortable in, and don't forget to check out the games that are made specifically for head tracking!

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