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Custom Fiberglass Coaches

Custom Fiberglass Coaches

313 South Hancock Street
Lake City, IA 51449


We manufacture chassis mounted animal transport bodies for animal control agencies, animal shelters, humane societies, rescue groups, and wildlife conservationists throughout the United States.


The Backsaver Unit

A Revolutionary Convenience and Safety Feature for Animal Control Vehicles

A few years ago we started manufacturing our "Hernando County BackSaver Unit". The BackSaver is a 7 hole unit with a hoist to raise and lower large or aggresive animals. This reduces the risk of injury to the animal control officers by not lifting or handling large animals. The hoist has a 300 pound lifting capacity.

The hoist includes all wiring and hand controls for raising and lowering the cage.
The cage is constructed from punched aluminum and measures 26" high x 21" wide x 46" deep.

The BackSaver is operated by pulling the cage out (which is on a telescopic arm), then turning the cage sideways, and lowering it to the ground via hand control.

The BackSaver uses a 12 volt electric winch, with a 2,000 pound capacity, and a 3/16 inch cable.

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