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Jewish publishing company.


Signs in Judaism: A Resource Book for the Jewish Deaf Community

Shuart, A.K. (1986). Signs in Judaism: A Resource Book for the Jewish Deaf Community. New York: Bloch Publishing Co.

Signs in Judaism" offers material and instruction on Judaic related subjects that aids the deaf and impaired individuals who missed their "Sunday School" training. These subjects include Biblical, historical, cultural, religious and educational areas. This volume fills the void for the long-awaited resource book of Jewish signs for the Jewish deaf community. This community is made up of Jewish deaf and hearing impaired children and adults; interpreters; rabbis; teachers and parents. The signs are based on American Sign Language in Judaic concepts. The book contains background information, Hebrew, Yiddish words and transliterations, illustrated signs, sign gloss, signs of regional variations, borrowed signs from Israel and some cross references.

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