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BioLert, LTD

BioLert, LTD

340 S. Lemon Ave
Walnut, CA 91789


BioLert is developing an innovative, reliable, easy to use system called Epilert. Epilert is designed to alert parents and caregivers of epileptics when an attack begins, especially when the patient is alone and unattended (sleeping, alone in room, alone outdoors etc.), and is essential in order to terminate prolonged seizures which could cause brain damage or even death.



EpiLert consists of a hand (or foot) worn watch-like Sensor Unit, which detects and processes the specific vibrations of epileptic seizures and transmits an alarm to an Alert Unit with the parents, caregivers, or at medical control centers etc. Using existing communication infrastructures (cellular telephone, land-line telephone, internet etc.) the Alert Unit will also deliver an alarm to destinations beyond the boundaries of the house.

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