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Barrons Educational Series, Inc.

Barrons Educational Series, Inc.

250 Wireless Blvd
Hauppauge, NY 11788


Founded in 1941, Barron’s Educational Series, Inc. rapidly became America’s leading publisher of test preparation manuals and school directories. Among the most widely recognized of Barron’s many titles in these areas are its SAT and ACT test prep books, its Regents Exams books, and its Profiles of American Colleges. In recent years, Barron’s has expanded into many other publishing fields, introducing extensive lines of children’s books, foreign language learning books and CDs, pet care manuals, gift books, cookbooks, business and financial advice books, parenting advice books, and art instruction books with companion on-line videos, as well as learning materials on MP3, Compact Disc, and CD-ROM. On average, Barron’s publishes more than 300 new titles a year and maintains an extensive backlist of well over 2,000 titles. Barron’s books are instantly recognized for their variety, reliability, and quality by retailers, educational and institutional book buyers, and not least by the reading public everywhere


E-Z American Sign Language

Stewart, D. (1995). E-Z American Sign Language. New York: Barron’s
Educational Series.


This 474-page paperback includes 36 lessons for learning ASL, and line drawings illustrating more than 800 signs and their multiple meanings. Included are chapters on Deaf Culture, “facial grammar”, and the chief grammatical rules of ASL.

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