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Bakker Elkhuizen

Bakker Elkhuizen

Palmpolstraat 27


BakkerElkhuizen develops excellent products for making computer use healthy and efficient. Products from BakkerElkhuizen display the perfect combination of function, ergonomics and design.
Many of our ergonomic equipment have been patented and have won awards for their ergonomic excellence and design.


ErgoDelta Split Keyboard

The ergonomic ErgoDelta keyboard ensures a good distribution of the workload.

Color: white
Cable length: 2 meters
Horizontal setting range: 0°-30°
Vertical setting range: 0°-16°
Compact size: short reaching distance to mouse
Keypad size: 19 mm
contrast: white keypads with black characters for good contrast

Evoluent Left-handed Keyboard

The Evoluent left-handed keyboard has its numeric keypad on the left side to provide more room for mouse use on the right.

Ergonomic: numeric on the left side, results in more space for using the mouse on the right side
Better balanced: equally balanced of left and right arm
Handy: frequently used keys as PageUp, PageDown, Home, End and the arrow keys are both on left as on the right side of the keyboard
Thin: only 12.5 mm thickness on all sides
Lay-out: US lay-out

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